INKISH.NEWS: Is it possible to shake up an industry?

By Patrik Knutsson and Morten B. Reitoft.

“Printing brought us from the dark ages through the industrial revolution and helped educate the world. Print still impacts everyday people’s lives worldwide, and I believe print will also have that impact in the future, but in more variants of materials, surfaces, structures, and objects. The only thing for sure is that we need to continue adapting to new technology, embracing the digital shift, and keeping up with knowledge.”

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Tangerin AS sells out of CopyCat AS

After almost 25 years in CopyCat AS, a Norwegian nationwide printing chain, Patrik Knutsson reports that Tangerin AS is selling its shares and that he is ending his employment. Patrik Knutsson was co-founder and has worked as CTO and CMO in addition to being chairman of the board.

There are many exciting opportunities in the industry and now it was time to think about starting something new again!