® is further developed and rebranded to®

We are thrilled to announce that® (Periodic Table of Graphic Formats) is further developed and rebranded to® (Periodic Table of Print & Graphic Elements. This change reflects our ongoing commitment to growth, innovation, and expanding our services within the printing industry to better meet the needs of our community. Our new name represents a broader scope that encompasses all elements of printing, not just graphic formats. Additionally, we are proud to announce that we have successfully registered our trademark, further solidifying our brand’s identity and protection

Digitaliserer trykkeriene: “Har funnet et hull i markedet”

I mars deltok Patrik Knutsson som foredragsholder på Online Print Symposium i Tyskland. Foto: Online Print Symposium / Nadja von Prümmer

Som en blanding mellom Foodora og Gule sider. Slik beskriver entreprenøren Patrik Knutsson sin forretningsidé, den digitale markedsplassen for trykking,, som er i ferd med å lanseres.

– Jeg har funnet et hull i markedet, noe som jeg har savnet i løpet av mine år i den grafiske bransjen. Jeg skulle ville påstå at dette er verdens første åpne markedsplass for online print, sier Patrik Knutsson.

Les hele artikkelen på Sign & Print

Join’s Startup Adventure in the Printing Industry!

We are seeking a talented and motivated part-time WordPress Guru to join our team. If you are a student or freelancer with a passion for SaaS and new technology, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

The ideal candidate must possess excellent computer skills, including proficiency in WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as a solid understanding of dynamic content and CSS. Strong English language skills, both written and verbal, are also a requirement.

This is a flexible part-time position, offering a workload of 10-50%, with the option of working from home or at the knowledge center Rebel in central Oslo.

If you are interested, please send your application to invited to the Spring Event of Norwegian Graphic Industry Association (Grafisk Øst)

The event will take place 27. – 28. April at Leangkollen Asker.

Together, we will visit CopyCat’s impressive facility in Billingstad. You will hear about HG Media’s development. Patrik Knutsson from will show his new, international sales and marketing portal for graphic companies. Our new branch manager Robert Wright will inform us about what the trade association is working on. Energy prices, the environment and sustainability are also important topics for this year’s spring seminar. The program is in progress.

Read the full story at Norwegian Industry.

Grafkom Media Monitor writes about the® platform

Grafkom Media Monitor

The industry veteran will make it easier to order printed matter Patrik Knutsson, former co-founder of Copycat, left the company some time ago after 25 years. But the visions for the graphic industry are still great. Media Monitor has had a chat with Knutsson about his new life project.

– Yes, after a “whole life” in the graphic industry, I modestly believe that I have an idea that can strengthen the industry and not least the independence of printers, says Knutsson, who is in the process of building up the portal, a kind of “Foodora solution” for the graphic industry.

Read the full article in English here.® supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals

By building an innovative industrial infrastructure as an open multi-vendor marketplace for print production,® contributes to sustainable and local production with lower carbon emissions.

We support the following goals:

No. 9:
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

No. 12:
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Trykkverk AS changes company name to AS

To better reflect the function of the® platform and to be positioned for global scaling, the company name is changing from Trykkverk AS to AS.

To ignite the market, Trykkverk® continue as a consumer brand and stand-alone online printer, to help developing new products and transform online print and the printing industry foreward.

Patrik Knutsson was invited to participate the Inkish Non-Event 22

Together with 100 guests from all over the world from the printing industry, Patrik Knutsson from Tangerin AS, the founder of™, was invited to a three-day meeting in lovely Copenhagen, Denmark.

This was a great venue to discuss the current status and future of our industry. Innovation, technology, online print, marketing ++. All with people with the best global knowledge and experience, and all under the wonderful hospitality of the entire Inkish family.

Trykkverk AS joins the employers organization

We have joined the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Norwegian Industry and Graphic Industry Association to strengthen our position as an active startup company in the printing industry. By this we also support the local and sustainable production program “Printed in Norway”.

Trykkverk AS NHO no. 652 483.™ – An online print marketplace under development

Trykkverk AS is building a new two-sided platform, probably the world’s first of its kind.

Patrik Knutsson, a serial entrepreneur with 40 years of experience, decided from a self-perceived problem in the printing industry to build a new, non-existent and better solution for online print, using existing production capacity in the market.

– We will digitize and simplify the entire industry, so buyers and sellers can meet in a structured, userfriendly and sustainable marketplace.